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Jami W: FAQ

She is STANDING and WALKING TALL after having a Total Knee Replacement with Dr. William Sherman and shares her JOURNEY OF HEALING…With the ONE Clinic Lifestyle Team.

Jami, you came to the OC for a Total Knee Replacement last fall. 

You were told that you would need to reach a certain BMI (Body Mass Index) prior to surgery in order to optimize your healing during and after surgery. 

Were you surprised that your surgeon asked this of you?

“Yes, I was very surprised Dr. Sherman asked me to consider a lifestyle change. Three years earlier I had the same surgery scheduled with a different doctor and didn’t have to change anything.”

How did you feel as you began to change what you were eating?

“It was just a matter of me being open to try new things and going out of my comfort zone”

Did you feel better prepared and healthier before surgery?

“Leading up to the surgery I felt much better and prepared than my previous surgery because I lead a healthier lifestyle and had the encouragement of Dr. Andrea Espinoza, Haley Pontiff, RN and the Lifestyle team!” They actually emailed me, video conferenced with me and walked me through every step”

How much weight did you lose and what was the timeline?

“I set a goal for myself to have the surgery within 2 to 3 months. I lost a total of 36 pounds and have kept it off!!

 I consider this more of a lifestyle change in some aspects. I no longer drink sugary drinks or eat a lot of fatty foods. I drink more water and look for a healthier alternative.”

Congratulations Mrs. Jami!!!

No fad “diet”, no supplements, powders or prepackaged foods…A true LIFESTYLE INTERVENTION.

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