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Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

Haley is a Registered Nurse and native to the New Orleans area, grown from strong family roots. In 2019, Haley became a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner through the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine and received her training through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, of which she is an active member. Her role as a nurse is guided by a desire to serve and connect with others in an authentic, wholehearted way. 

Driven by personal life experiences and a natural curiosity, Haley began to look “outside the box” of conventional medicine and seek more natural forms of healing…a process she believes will never end. She is amazed by the body’s innate ability to heal itself and to age gracefully, when given the opportunity. Haley feels that it is her calling to blend the ancient healing wisdom of the past with our modern understanding of medicine.

In 2020, she completed Dr. Michael Klaper's inaugural "Master Class in Plant-Based Clinical Nutrition" curriculum, which serves to equip medical practitioners with the power to use food as medicine within the standardized, western medicine model. 

She is currently studying botanical medicine under the direction of Tieraona Low Dog, MD, nationally acclaimed integrative medicine expert and natural healer. 

Haley’s mission is to help you heal and feel better from the inside-out using the gifts that God gave us so that you can live the life you were created for.  

Haley Pontiff, RN, DipACLM: Meet the Team
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